You are all on The Loyal Chancellor, a small merchant ship currently on its way to Grimeworth. The city is part of the Nation of Athana, on Vlaukren. Some of you may be heading there to look for work, others to visit family or friends. Or maybe you were enticed by some rumors, or evidence of a legendary artifact. Or perhaps you were sent there, for reason’s you do not yet know. Regardless of your reasons to visit Grimeworth, this was the only ship you could find traveling there sooner than several months away, and spent your life savings for passage. You are one of only a few passengers, and know that the captain had to kick some of the crew out of their quarters to accommodate you. All of your belongings fit in your old original Bag of Holding. Good thing, too: you’d have never been able to afford passage if you had to carry anything larger than a backpack.
You are on your fifth day of a week long journey, when a violent storm strikes. Following the directions of the ship’s crew, whom you are certain know what they are doing and need you out of their way, you all retreat below decks. As you are waiting for the storm to pass, the ship suddenly lurches. You are thrown about your cabin and are knocked unconscious.
What transpires next? Does the ship and its crew survive? Do YOU?

The False Era